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(Ages 6 - 18 year olds)

Ballet is most widely identified noted for breathtaking techniques, signature pointe work, grand pas de deux and high leg extension. There are 5 basic positions of the feet and arms which form the basis of ballet movement. Training is focused on repetition of simple movement at the barre as well as basic jumps. Body alignment, position of the head, proper turnout and pushing throughout the floor are all used to develop and enhance proper ballet technique. Building on these fundamental techniques, the dancer develops a path for all subsequent advanced dance movements not limited to ballet.

The fluidity of motion learned in developing years has direct application in modern dance, jazz and tap as well. As the student progresses, more strength and integral steps are incorporated into the education of the developing dancer. The ultimate goal is to capture poetry in motion known as ballet dancing.


 After proper training and physical development are satisfactory, the more advanced female students will study pointe.

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