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Our Competitive Team

To set row in the exciting arena of dance. There are hundreds of competitions throughout the United States. Based upon this reality we carefully choose the events that we feel meet the standards and needs of our dance organization. Competitions give our dancers an opportunity to perform and compete as we grow with others who share the same love…in a positive and friendly atmosphere. We do not attend competitions for the single purpose of “winning”. Turning Pointe competes for and achieves competitive goals in dance, one must have an extreme passion. This passion, though it grows from within has to be encouraged by peers who are dedicated as well. At Turning Pointe, we offer a competitive program where we strive to encourage, positively direct and deepen the already burning desire to perform, perfect and the overall artistic experience. It is our belief that in a subjective art form like dance, there could never be a winner or a loser.

Our Dance team not only competes, but they also have had many other opportunities to perform. Our dancers have performed in such prestigious venues as: Disney World; the Citrus Bowl half time show; the 500 Festival Parade; Indiana Pacers Basketball half time show; the Indiana Fever’s Basketball half time show; the Harlem Ambassadors Basketball half time show; and numerous productions such as Peter Pan and The Nutcracker to name a few. We believe in team unity and exuding professionalism everywhere we go!!

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