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Brooke Endres

Brooke grew up in the competitive dance world and cut her professional teeth at studios across the state.  However, for the past 14 years Brooke has called Turning Pointe home, and she is as adored as she is revered both in and out of the studio. 


Brooke is both a decorated dancer herself as well as a nationally recognized choreographer and instructor.  Her diverse background in ballet, jazz, and musical theatre has created her unique brand of emotive and daring choreography, and it is this particular brand of choreography that has made her in demand at studios nationwide. 


Whether she is traveling across the country judging the nation’s top dancers or lending her expertise as a guest teacher, Brooke brings all her experiences home and continues to reinvent the choreography world.  Her passion for dance and devotion to the students and families at Turning Pointe is an essential piece of what makes our nationally recognized studio uniquely extraordinary.