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Cameron Rivers

Cameron Rivers comes with over 22 years of dance training and experience. Based out of Indianapolis, Cameron has helped lead the nationally ranked Turning Pointe Academy of Dance for over 12 years.


Cameron’s expertise and passion has led him across the globe—whether touring the transatlantic on the Holland America Cruise Line, inspiring generations of dancers at Walt Disney World in a variety of captivating shows, entertaining Pacer and Fever fans during basketball games, or enchanting the holiday seasons of many through his performances in ‘The Nutcracker’ for Ballet International.  Cameron’s experience knows no bounds, and it is to the direct benefit of his students that he so

passionately teaches. 


Cameron’s professional dance accolades are only matched by his teaching experience and dedication to educating future generations of dancers.  Cameron was the dance captain during his extensive time with Walt Disney World.  Additionally, he is sought by dance studios across the country for his experience, knowledge, and flair for innovative choreography.  Turning Pointe Academy of Dance is truly fortunate to count Cameron among our talented staff!